How can I fundraise for AsIAm?

As a nonprofit, AsIAm relies on the generosity of the public in undertaking fundraising on our behalf! Through your contribution, we are able to pursue our work in Community Support, Education, Training and Advocacy. 

Just 10% of our organisation’s running costs come from the State, we must raise the balance through fundraising and outreach activities. COVID-19 has made this very challenging but now, more than ever, the autistic community needs our support.

If you would like to support our work you can make a donation

You can also support our work by taking a look in our shop and purchasing some AsIAm merchandise. 

Below you will find some suggestions for fundraising events you could run to support our work. 


Making education an autism friendly space from early years through to secondary school is one of our primary targets as an organisation. Our school talks, our oldest and longest running project, encourage participation on every level, from teacher to parents and even classmates, to see autism understanding and acceptance become the norm. In this spirit, we are regularly asked how engaged members of the community can raise funds in school.  


Autism inclusion in the workplace is a significant issue in the community, especially given that our community continues experience high levels of unemployment. As more businesses begin to see the benefits of a neurodiverse hiring strategy, they may need help in creating an autism-friendly workplace, an aim for which AsIAm provides online training for both public and private sectors. Businesses eager to further this aim, or simply pursue a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, can fundraise for AsIAm. Below are some fundraising suggestions. 

CSR Donation | Social Events | Summer Picnic or BBQ | Quiz and Raffles | Baby Photo Competition | Inter-Departmental Competition | Eco Office Fines For Leaving Lights On/Using Wrong Bins/Overprinting | Fun Tie/Sock Days | Cake Sale/Coffee Morning | Car Wash | Donation Buckets | Christmas Donations |AsIAm Christmas Cards


You can also tap on the Donate Button on our Social Media Pages or Website. It’s easy to fill out and every Euro is really appreciated. If you are interested in the ongoing work of AsIAm you can fill out a Standing Order form and we will keep it going as long as you require. It’s a simple way of donating and allows us plan our programmes more securely.


Finally, here’s a few ideas for fundraising that you can pursue on your own time.. 


Consider supporting AsIAm by visiting our shop!
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