The AsIAm Board recently signed off on two policies, both can be found below:

Child Protection Policy

The AsIAm Child Protection Policy is a set of best practice guidelines aimed at providing a safe environment for young service users and young volunteers. The policy also aims to safeguard and support AsIAm employees and volunteers when they are working with children. This policy acts as a template for best practice in how employees, Board Directors, sponsors, partners, volunteers and AsIAm ambassadors (often collectively referred to in this policy document as “employees”) behave when working with children. The policy applies to all work processes, including in­person, online and remote communications. It also applies to all interaction between employees and children regardless of where it takes place.

It is important to read the policy carefully in order to understand the level of protection both provided and expected.

This policy has been designed in accordance with child protection legislation, the existing Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children

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Complaints Policy 

AslAm welcomes comments, suggestions and complaints about our performance and conduct in the discharge of our charitable activities and responsibilities. This feedback may come from the general public and other stakeholders. AslAm welcomes all feedback and regards complaints as opportunities to review practices, procedures and identify areas for improvement

The emphasis will be on a positive resolution of complaints at a local level where possible.

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