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Autism Good Practice Guidance for Schools has been developed by the Department of Education as a resource for schools and others. It is designed to help support the wellbeing, learning and participation of children and young people with autism in education.

It aims to assist school staff to understand the varied nature of students’ strengths and needs, as well as to identify whole-school and individualised approaches to supports for students.

It can be used by staff supporting autistic students across a range of educational environments including mainstream, special-class and special- school settings.

The guidelines have been developed for students with autism, but many of the strategies can be adapted for those with other special educational needs (for example: learning, social or behavioural needs).

The guidance provides information and support across the following EIGHT domains or key ‘areas of practice’, to enhance the wellbeing, learning and participation of autistic students:

      1. Learning Environment
      2. Language and Communication Development
      3. Social Development
      4. Emotional Development
      5. Sensory Processing
      6. Functional Skills for Daily Living
      7. Academic Development
      8. Behavioural Development

Students with autism may have different types of needs. The guidelines recommend that the eight domains of support are used in a holistic and inter-connected way when identifying students’ strengths and responding to their needs.

The guidance also covers supporting students with anxiety, transitions, relationships and sexuality education, digital learning and assistive technology, as well as teacher professional learning (TPL).

Downloads available below

*Content provided by The Department of Education. We are sharing information on these guidelines as they are an important piece of national policy for the community to be aware of. Our organisation does not support the use of ABA or behavioural based approaches.

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