higher ed 2Do you have a condition on the Autism Spectrum? Have you a son/daughter with the condition? Are you someone working in Higher Education who works or has come into contact with students on the Autism Spectrum?

Did you pursue Higher Education? Did you opt not to? Did you feel their were barriers to going or did you end up leaving before getting a qualification?

If so … AsIAm.ie would really like to hear from you!

The Higher Education Authority has published a consultation paper, “Towards the development of a new National Plan for Equity of Access to Higher Education” which can be viewed here. As part of this process, the Higher Education Authority is inviting submissions from stakeholders.

The plan will aim to target “under-represented” groups in Higher Education, including people with disabilities. AsIAm.ie is currently preparing a submission to the HEA for the 30th September 2014. We will also bring forward ideas to the upcoming meeting of the NCSE Consultative Forum on this matter.

To that end, we would love to hear from students who are in Higher Education or have been through the system, with Autism / Aspergers Syndrome, their families and professionals in the field.

We would specifically be interested in your answers to the following questions:

Why are some people with Autism not accessing higher education? What are the barriers?

Why did you / your son/daughter choose not to go to Higher Education? (if applicable)

What can the HEA, universities and colleges do to support people with Autism in choosing to avail of Higher Education?

What did you / your son/daughter like about college / university? What did you / they find hard or struggle with? (if applicable)

What can be done to bridge the gap between Higher Education and employment and encourage people with Autism to pursue careers in fields to which there may be a lower intake of students with the condition?

What steps can the HEA, universities or colleges take to encourage students with Autism, who enroll into a higher education course, to see the course through to completion?

You can email your thoughts on these questions to adam@asiam.ie. AsIAm.ie works hard to be a user-led movement and is keen that the views we put forward in our submissions, reflect the views of the community so please do get in touch!


Image courtesy of ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net