Ian Lynam : Digital Marketing and Support Officer

Ian is our Information and Digital Officer. He manages AsIAm.ie’s online presence, edits this website, researches and writes its content, and manages our social media.

Ian is our Information and Digital Marketing Officer. He manages all social media output (such as this, hello!), creates accurate and informative content for the website and works with the autism community to ensure quality blog posts.

Ian was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome from an early age and participated in numerous programmes with Aspire Ireland. 
Stories being a special interest of his, Ian studied English and Classics in Trinity College Dublin and continued with a masters in Literature and Society from the University of Edinburgh. From this he developed an interest in fiction and how it impacts on our real lives through representation.

After starting a WAM mentorship in the Civil Service. During this time, Ian also worked in performance. Frustrated with a lack of neurodiversity in performing arts, he wrote and performed the show Portrait of the Autist as a Young Man, in Smock Alley Theatre. He proceeded to work with AsIAm to organise Light it Up Gold, Ireland’s first all autistic comedy lineup. Through these activities he became more engaged with the autistic community, working with Trinity College Dublin Disability Service as an intern, publishing the service’s online content and overseeing the rollout of the Autism Uni Toolkit.

As a result, Ian is keen to publish original and personal writing from autistic people on the site through the Special Interest series. He also liaises with other organisations and people for the website’s news blog.

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