is committed to continuously improving the service we offer, in  order to live true to our goal of being the “one-stop-shop” for the Autism community in Ireland and also to ensure the work we do is as reflective as possible of the “broad church” which is the Autism community.

We are acutely aware that different challenges present for different people on the Spectrum and that no two people are the same. We have worked hard to provide balanced information which would provide something for everyone, through our “hub” system and drawing on content from contributors from different backgrounds and experience. We feel we could do even more though and we are very keen to provide information on, and for, those with Autism and intellectual disabilities.

What content would be useful? Is there a way we can make our site more accessible? What are the greatest challenges living / supporting someone with Autism and an intellectual disability.

The mic is yours. Please go to the forum link below, log in if needed and share your thoughts – you guys are the experts! 🙂

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