Information Line

As part of our support for the autism community of Ireland, we have created a dedicated information line. 

Please note: Due to the high volume of calls to the information line at present, callers will experience a delay at this time. We recognise that being ‘on hold’ can be frustrating. To minimise waiting times, twenty minutes is the maximum time a call can currently be.


What the Information Line can do

What the Information Line can not do

If your query relates to training, events, media, ID card issues, campaigns, research or recruitment, please contact or call (01) 4453203. You can also express interest in a training by filling out this form. We respectfully ask that if your issue relates to the above, that you do not contact the community information line  as we do not wish to delay our responses to autistic individuals and families.  

How to Contact the Information Line

If you would prefer to speak: Call 0818 234 234.

Call line is open: Monday – Thursday  10-3pm 

Instant Messaging is available: Monday – Thursday 10-3pm 

If you would prefer to write

Email or use the Contact Form here any day of the week.

Instant message us on Mondays and Thursdays from 9am-4pm. Please click on the pink speech bubble at the bottom right of the corner. 

Please note: In the event where you inform us of a matter where a child is at risk of neglect or abuse, we have a legal obligation to report this to the relevant authorities. 

What To Expect During a Call

We recognise that you may find phone calls challenging. Here is some information about how a call typically goes, to help you decide whether you might prefer to call or email.  



All of our Information Line work is compliant with our privacy policy.  

Meet the Information Line Team

We are a small, dedicated team who thoroughly enjoy working with the autism community of Ireland. We value each call and email we receive, and we are committed to providing you with information that is accessible and actionable.  

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