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Welcome to AsIAm.ie

Whether you have Autism, a family member or friend has, whether you work with someone with the condition or are just a curious member of the public you have found yourself here and we are glad to say that we are sure there is something of interest!

AsIAm.ie is a website committed to:

Educate: We believe that people in Ireland do not know enough about Autism. Those of us with the condition and our families often only learn about it because of our personal experiences while the public tend to have a “disability”. At AsIAm.ie through our articles and accompanying awareness campaigns we want people to know less about “disability” and more about “disABILITY”.

Advocate:  Through bringing many people living with Autism, their families and those working on their behalf, together we hope to speak with a loud voice for those affected by the condition. We want to communicate to decision-makers and the public – what it actually feels like to have Autism, what the challenges are and what can be done to help. We also think at times that too much focus is put on money – money is important but we also want to campaign around the social issues that people with Autism face.

Empower: When you are living with a condition which both socially and demographically isolates and presents so many challenges in everyday life it is easy to feel fed up and helpless. However, we want to help people with Autism to focus on the positives, to realise their own potential and to be equipped with the knowledge and support they need to attain their full potential.

Community: It is important to have somewhere were you feel people have had the same experiences as yourself and have an understanding of who you are. Here at AsIAm.ie we hope to provide a sense of community – from our support groups section, to individual profiles to articles and forum threads, we want this space to be a real community for those with Autism.

In conclusion, AsIAm.ie is managed by a Board of Directors but it is for YOU and our agenda will be set by YOU. Our project succeeds or fails based on your buy in – please do use it!

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