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July Provision

July Provision

 July Provision is a scheme provided by the Department of Education which funds an extended school year for autistic school-children and / or those with a profound GLD.  


Your child’s school may qualify for school-based provision if they are a special school or have a special class / autism class attached to the mainstream school. If granted, the programme will be delivered in the school by a qualified teacher(s) for an additional month in July of each year. Schools have flexibility on how long they can provide the Programme, but it generally runs from between two to four weeks; occasionally, it will last into August. Those children who take part in the Programme also qualify for school transport. Where school-based provision is not feasible, 40 hours of home-based provision may be granted which will be delivered by a qualified teacher in your home.


The school your child is enrolled in must not provide a July Provision programme in order for you to qualify for home-based provision.


You can directly apply via the DES’ website here


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