AsIAm Legal Clinic

This is an AsIAm-funded service through KODLyons, a human rights legal firm based in Dublin. The legal clinic/consultation are a once-off free legal service available to members of the autism community who potentially have a legal issue that requires legal advice/guidance.

KOD Lyons AsIAm legal clinic

The legal clinics/consultations do not cover family law disputes (custody, maintenance, guardianship, barring orders, inter alia).

The legal clinics also does not cover criminal law matters. Please reach out to Free Legal Advice Centres in your area.

The legal clinic/consultation does not cover HR disputes between employees/employers.

Who is it for?

This is a service offered to the autism community, to access this service, you must be over 18 and have a legal issue that requires more expert knowledge, that goes beyond the advocacy support provided by the Autism Information Line.

Where can I access it?

Your query must go directly to AsIAm’s Autism Information Line Team. Your query will be assessed along with the necessary follow-up. If your query is to be referred for further support from KODLyons, a consent form will be required, which a member of the team will send to you.

You can access the legal clinic/consultation once per issue.

What happens after the initial consultation?

The AsIAm legal referral is a once-free consultation. Anything outside the scope of this consultation is between the client and KODLyons.

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