Awareness about autism has increased among society in recent years. This is a positive development, but there’s far more to being aware about the condition than just knowing some of its main traits.

Successful autism awareness is about actively including and supporting autistic people within local communities. Isolation is a daily reality for many living on the spectrum, with difficulties in communicating and understanding social contexts complicating forming meaningful relationships with other people. These are felt to varying degrees by people on the spectrum, yet these very challenges mean that trouble successfully socialising is an issue facing all autistic people.

We’re challenging you to make your club autism-friendly as part of our #AsIAmChallenge for World Autism Awareness Month 2018. We developed a series of handbooks which explain autism and provide ideas for how an individual, group or service might become more autism-friendly.

Check out the campaign video and handbooks below and think of your own community – what doesn’t work for you? who needs to know more? what would you like to see changed?

They why not approach people in your community and ask them to take the first step!


Introduction to Autism

Entertainment Venues

Sports Clubs & Extra Curricular Activities


As You Can Handbooks