The Middletown Centre for Autism is an educational and research facility whose work revolves around the promotion and development of special education services for children and young people on the autistic spectrum.

Situated in Middlestown, County Armagh, the Centre was founded as a cross-border initiative in 2007 between the Northern Ireland Department of Education and the Republic of Ireland’s Department of Education and Skills. Training, intervention, advice and support to families and schools are facilitated at the Centre, as well as in different venues across the island of Ireland. Among its most recent projects was ‘Ready, Steady, Go – A Taste of Third Level!’ in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin. Young people with autism between the ages of 16 and 18 took part in a two and a half day-long camp on campus, enabling them to experience student life and prepare for the transition to third-level education.


Courses are organised for training parents and professionals on a year-long basis. Facilitaed at different locations across Ireland, these programs are typically formatted during weekends. Their content includes educating participants about the complexities of different conditions on the spectrum, about how to teach life skills to children with autism, and promoting positive mental health among familes with an autistic member.

You can view a full schedule of the Centre’s different training events and Special Education Support Services (SESS) across Ireland here.

Applications will be availble from September 2017 and must be directly addressed to the Middletown Centre for Autism.


Even during breaks between the Middletown Centre’s courses and workshops, a wealth of information resources and contacts are available to signed-up members of Middlestown Centre. Creating an account and availing of these is without charge and can be done entirely online here.


The Middlestown Centre regularly publishes online bulletins detailing the findings of its various research projects. Each of its articles are peer-reviewed along academic standards, providing accessible and practical information for familes and teachers investigating a particular aspect of living and working with autism.

A comprehensive list of their papers is available from the Centre’s website.