NEW: Adam’s Video Blog

Hey everyone! Since Day 1, I have tried to keep everyone posted on our work via a regular blog. I feel it is so important that everyone in our community feels connected, involved and has a sense of ownership of the work carried out by our organisation.

In the early days, when I used to blog after school, it was easy and I would blog nearly weekly, then, as our workload grew, I could only manage monthly and in 2016 it has been hard to find the time at all! I also feel no matter how much I write it is hard to capture the buzz of what we are up.

SO considering how important keeping everyone updated is, considering I need to put the time aside and considering how I want people to be able to literally see some of what is going on – I have started a VLOG!

I will sit down every month and fill you in on what we have been up to, what we have planned and comment on relevant issues and topics for our community. I will also try to include footage of events and campaigns starting for next month (the iPad is going everywhere from now on). On occasion, I may even do a spontaneous vlog in response to a particular issue or at a particular event.

I love our Autism community so much and I hope this vlog will help everyone feel more connected to what we do, more empowered to be a part of it and excited and proud of what our organisation is working towards on YOUR behalf. This is just one of a series of changes we are making to our website to make it more interactive, inclusive and powerful (but I talk about that below so I’m going to stop writing before I just start typing out what I said in the vlog!).

Thanks guys and check out my September vlog below.

Adam 🙂