October Update

Welcome to our October update!

This month, in the lead up to our annual Conference, we’ll be planning our work online and further afield around its central theme of ‘expectations.’

Our work, as a charity and advocacy organisation, centres around promoting a society where every autistic person has the same opportunities to fully participate in all aspects of Irish life and to hold the same expectations of reaching their personal potential as anyone else.

To this end, we believe that it’s critical to explore what are reasonable expectations – in education, in employment, in healthcare and adult life? Where are these expectations not being met presently and how can we meet them? How can we raise expectations and outlooks within our community?

These are important questions. How they are answered, and what approaches are taken in response to them, will shape the outlook of every single autistic person.

Throughout October, we will be hosting a series of articles from contributors right across Ireland’s autism community about their personal experiences and definitions of expectations. These will range from interviews with local support groups and employers, to blogs from individuals and self-advocates.