Online Autism Training Modules

Part of AsIAm’s work of being Ireland’s National Autism Charity is to provide Online autism training for businesses, employers and public sector organisations across the country. As an autistic-led, not-for-profit autism advocacy organisation with over half of our staff being either autistic or neurodivergent, we have the knowledge and expertise help your business tap into the unlimited potential of embracing autism and neurodiversity. AsIAm provides Online autism training to help your business succeed in including the 1 in 65 people that make up Ireland’s autism community in your organisation as employees and customers.

We produce a wide variety of online training modules. These include bespoke modules for a number of businesses and organisations nationwide, including the public sector, which can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs, the size of the organisation and the industry you do business in.

What are the benefits of undertaking these modules?

Autistic people have many desirable qualities that employers across many industries want, but face many barriers to finding the jobs they want. A major UK study from the National Autistic Society showed that just 16% of autistic adults are in full-time employment, with the vast majority of autistic adults (77%) say that they want to work. With the right support in place, usually some simple accommodations and an understanding and supportive organisation, can yield massive benefits to your organisation and can help your organisation become a market leader in autism inclusion.

Many Autistic people have personal qualities which would be assets to companies. Such qualities would make them successful in many industries, not just the STEM sector. Many autistic people have a wide range of skills, including:


  • High attention-to-detail, accuracy and quality of work;
  • High long-term memory with the ability to recall detailed information;
  • Strong adherence to routines, rules and regulations;
  • Strong loyalty to employers who give them the opportunity to showcase their talents;
  • Highly reliable workers in terms of punctuality;
  • May have expert, in-depth knowledge in their subject;
  • May have strong pattern recognition skills;
  • Strong work ethic and intense focus;
  • Strong sense of fairness and integrity.

 Including autistic people in your workforce is about more than doing the right thing and adhering to employment laws, it just makes business sense. Businesses who hire autistic people show a proven Return on Investment (ROI), which increases their organisation’s productivity, sustainability and profitability, while also improves your reputation as a socially responsible and progressive company to clients, customers and the public.

More employers are realising that, by either having Neurodiversity in the Workplace strategies or hiring autistic people (and neurodivergent people), they can vastly improve their ability to innovate and to respond to everyday challenges facing our society. By making simple changes to your organisation to accommodate autistic people, you can harness this ability to find creative and innovative solutions to complex problems, to advance your organisation’s offerings and to help build a more progressive and inclusive society.

Making your organisation more inclusive of the autism community can bring a wide range of benefits to your business which can go beyond hiring autistic people.

When autistic people and neurodivergent people are valued and appreciated as key members of your organisation, this can increase overall performance. It can stimulate innovation, demonstrate respect across the organisation and help your business better respond to changing market conditions by increasing engagement and productivity among employees.

By taking our Online autism training, Organisations can help tap into the power of neurodiversity. Organisations which provide reasonable accommodations can increase staff engagement and productivity which encourages neurodivergent staff to be more comfortable in disclosing their condition(s), which they may not have done previously. Making proactive changes to your organisation’s workplace practices, recruitment process and communication practices can help create a more inclusive organisation, and everyone can benefit from having clearer job descriptions, job interviews and a more people-friendly workplace.

Having clearer communication channels, providing information in different formats (like Social Stories, Plain English, Easy-to-Read) and signalling to customers that you are a neurodiverse organisation which welcomes neurodivergent customers can increase customer engagement and trust in your organisation, broaden your customer base to reach untapped markets, and improve relationships with clients and customers.

If you would like to book a general Autism Awareness talk before accessing AsIAm’s online training modules, please fill out this booking form and one of our trainers will contact you directly.

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