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As You Can – Small Steps to become more Autism-Friendly

For World Autism Awareness Month in 2015 we challenged people across Ireland to make a pledge to do 1 thing to become more Autism-friendly. We called the campaign “AsYouCan” because everyone can do something to be more inclusive of those of us with Autism.

We developed a series of handbooks for clubs, workplaces, public services, healthcare professionals and the general public which explain Autism, clearly and succinctly, in a way relevant to that part of the community and provide ideas for how an individual, group or service might become more Autism-friendly.

Check out the campaign video and handbooks below and think of your own community – What doesn’t work for you? Who needs to know more? What would you like to see changed?

Then, why not approach people in your community and ask them to take the first step.

Interested in becoming more Autism Friendly? Check out our industry specific guidebooks below!

AsYouCan – Introduction to Autism

AsYouCan – Retail

AsYouCan – Hospitality

AsYouCan – Restaurants

AsYouCan – Entertainment Venues

AsYouCan – Sports Clubs & Extra-Curricular Activities

AsYouCan – Public Transport

AsYouCan – Emergency Services

AsYouCan – Healthcare

After you read our guidebooks, reflect on your own situation and what you can do to be more Autism Friendly. Download our pledge card below and send us your pledge on Social Media!

Pledge Template

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