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Youth Leadership Team

We believe that in order for autistic people to be truly included in society, they must be provided with the skills to be able to advocate for themselves and have their voices heard.

In 2016, AsIAm made an open call to young people across Ireland who would like to act as ambassadors for our organisation, by directing and influencing our work, the work of others, the media and the general public.

We are incredibly proud of our Youth Leadership Team (YLT) whose work has seen the creation of many campaigns, events, and projects that have directly made a positive difference to members of their local communities all over the country.

What is the role of the Youth Leadership Team?

  • To act as ambassadors for AsIAm and the autism community.
  • To advise and direct AsIAm’s work on youth issues in Ireland that is associated with autism.
  • To represent young autistic people nationally as much as possible.
  • To be involved and direct campaigns, events, discussions, groups and other organisations on a local and a national level.
  • To be consulted in all of AsIAm’s work for and with young people.
  • To create a space which empowers young autistic people to make a difference in their autism community through practical actions and projects.

Who are we?

The Youth Leadership team are a group of young people aged 16 – 25 years old who are on the autism spectrum and form our AsIAm Youth Leadership Team.

The YLT campaign, advise and direct AsIAm’s work on youth issues to ensure that they reflect our communities needs and priorities. The YLT plays a vital role in ensuring all of AsIAm work and advocacy is reflective of the experiences of autistic young people.

Check our meet the Youth Leadership Team page for a full list of these

Some of our work has included:

  • Drama workshops exploring the themes of advocacy and leadership.
  • Worked with outside agencies, to represent other young autistic people across different projects.
  • Created online content to teach other peers about autism.
  • Developed and created the Autism Experience Exhibition, which has travelled around the country to local communities and business.
  • Speaking as a panel for outside providers.
  • Developed online campaign about non-verbal communication.  This included working with international autism advocates online who are non-verbal or have experience of being non-verbal.
  • Delivering talks in their local community, including schools and local service providers.
  • Interviewed for national broadcasters and newspapers about their experience of being autistic. Interviewed for online training modules for the public sector.
  • Ambassadors for AsIAm and at our National Autism Conferences.


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