Autism Experience Exhibition

AsIAm has delivered “The Autism Experience” Exhibition, as part of our work to build an autism-aware Ireland, supported by the Department of Justice & Equality, in venues across the country since June 2016. 

The aim of this pop-up exhibition is to engage young people, aged 16-22, in gaining a greater insight into what it is like to live with Autism. While many people have heard the word Autism, very few truly understand it and fewer still have a sense of what it is actually like to face the challenges those with Autism experience.

This exhibition is presented in a Q&A format which makes it accessible and engaging for visitors and includes an audio guide and a range of activities to enable visitors to “step into the shoes” of someone with the condition.

Have you ever considered:

  1. How would you feel if you could not read or see words clearly?
  2. How would you feel if you could not understand what people are saying to you because you did not understand the language?
  3. How would you feel if you could not hear directions being given to you, because you can hear all the surrounding noise?How would you feel if you could not communicate using your voice? How else would you get your message across the people?
  4. How would you feel if the texture or smell of food felt so unpleasant that you did not want to eat it?
  5. How would you feel if you found it difficult to walk up and down stairs and use public transport

At our exhibition we will answer these questions and let you experience some of these challenges!


The idea of the exhibition is not to be a local attraction, rather it is hoped that it will act as  catalyst in local communities – engaging young people from different backgrounds and clubs into thinking about their role in building a more inclusive society for young people with Autism.

Becoming an adult and starting out in life can be hard for everyone but for people with Autism, who can find change difficult, it can be especially tough. It can also be tougher when people don’t understand the condition and so don’t include people with the condition in school, college, the workplace and the community.

We encourage visitors to check out the exhibition and to become part of the answer to building an inclusive society. 

As part of this drive, w run a social media campaign over the course of an exhibition to engage young people online and encourage people to visit the exhibition and help bring about change.

We  are currently taking bookings for 2019. If you would like to host our Autism Experience Exhibition, get in touch with us by emailing!


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