Information For Parents, Guardians or Carers

Starting the Autism journey

This resource, the first of three packs, is for parents/guardians and includes a range of vital information on starting your autism journey. This includes terminology, how autism is diagnosed, what to expect during the assessment process and what professionals will be involved.

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Understanding your child's diagnosis

The resource was commissioned on response to a high volume (approximately 500 emails) of correspondence from parents and guardians following assessment and diagnosis. This publication is the second of a three-part series of supports for the autism community between the two organisations and is available in hardcopy or online. Building on the first publication “Starting the Autism Journey” this new resource aims to equip parents and guardians with the support needed to assist them as they begin their post-diagnosis journey with their autistic child.

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We have developed this interactive e-Book to show you some of the terms, systems and frequently asked questions involved in the school system.

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In this section you will find some tips on creating a calm environment for your Autistic family members. This advice is taken from our resource 'Understanding your child's Autism Diagnosis" 

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Community Support Webinars

AsIAm’s Community Support webinars allow AsIAm, in association with Supervalu, to organise seminars with expert speakers from the educational and clinical professionals, with perspectives on lived experience from autistic speakers, many of whom were also educational and clinical professionals.

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Child and Family Support Programme

The Child and Family Support Programme offers a range of online and in person opportunities to connect with AsIAm, and each other.

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Upcoming Webinars and Events

Keep an eye on our 'Events' page for upcoming webinars you may find helpful. We also host meet ups for young people that your young person may be interested in. 

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