Penneys teams up with AsIAm to introduce autism-friendly shopping across Irish stores

  •  Penneys, in partnership with AsIAm, Ireland’s national autism charity, introduces autism-friendly shopping including sensory friendly hours
  • Includes new digital support including interactive store map with in-store sights and sounds, and visual guides to prepare for the shopping experien

10th November 2021: Penneys is to introduce autism friendly shopping experiences including sensory friendly shopping hours, to its 36 stores nationwide in order to create an inclusive shopping experience for autistic people, their friends and families. The initiative has been developed in partnership with AsIAm, Ireland’s national autism charity.

Every Sunday, starting from 14th November, autistic people and those close to them can visit Penneys stores during the Sensory Friendly Shopping Hour, which is the first hour of store opening, secure in the knowledge that several measures are in place to ensure a calmer and more inclusive shopping experience. 

These measures include noise reduction across the store such as silencing tills and in-store announcements and turning off in-store music, while also offering additional assistance and support from in-store Champions who have all received specialised training from AsIAm. 

As part of the Penneys Autism Friendly Shopping Experience, Penneys has created special digital support materials accessible on the Penneys website to ensure that shopping is more accessible for autistic people outside of the Sensory Friendly Shopping Hour. Customers can visit their relevant store page and through visual and audio aids, prepare themselves for the sights and sounds they may experience while in store that may cause sensory overload. It also includes a store map and visual guide called My Trip to Penneys to prepare for their visit and help identify how they can navigate through  the store when they arrive. Customers will also be able to easily access these online supports through QR codes placed in-store.

Commenting on the initiative, Damien O’Neill, Head of Sales at Penneys, said, “Penneys is for everyone, we want everyone to feel welcome in our stores and we understand that for some customers we need to adapt the way we work to provide a better experience. This is just one of the ways we’re doing that and we’ve learnt a lot through AsIAm  about how making some small changes can have a big impact.

We are really looking forward to continuing our work with AsIAm as we work to raise awareness and understanding of autism among our colleagues and in our stores.”

AsIAm also conducted thorough audits of Penneys stores and highlighted areas of high sensory input as well as a list of  recommendations to create a more comfortable shopping experience for autistic people during all trading hours. 

  • Autism Champions with specialist training from AsIAm, available in every store for additional support for customers 

Adam Harris, Founder and CEO, AsIAm, said, “Shopping and the retail environment can be an incredibly overwhelming experience for autistic people and their families, due to crowded environments and the sensory overload from noises. We are delighted in AsIAm to have partnered with Penneys to make shopping more accessible for our community. Outside of the weekly sensory friendly shopping hour, we wanted to ensure that meaningful accommodations were in place all of the time that will enable an autistic person or their family to comfortably navigate the shopping environment, as well as training all Penneys staff in understanding autism. We are very excited to start this journey and to continue to work together in our commitment to making shopping as inclusive as possible.”

To support with the rollout, AsIAm will support with training for Penneys employees.This training will be delivered through a custom-built Autism Awareness e-learning module, which will be hosted on Penneys’ digital learning platform.

Additional Information

Store opening hours are available here

Full list of measures being implemented in stores: 

Processes that will be stopped: 

  • Using the tannoy systems 
  • Call forward systems will be turned off
  • Music will be turned off including at concessions
  • Calling customers to the cash register
  • Using stock movement equipment; trolleys, totes, rails, returns rails and cages
  • Instore moves or replenishment activities 
  • Any contractor maintenance activity unless essential and no testing any alarms with sound

Processes that will be introduced:

  • Additional assistance provided if required
  • A queue marshal positioned at the till points to help provide assistance and direct customers to the next available till point in a quiet manner
  • Autism Champions in all stores 
  • Champions will have access to a copy of our visual guide and map in case a customer has not had the opportunity to review them in advance of their visit
  • Temporarily silencing till scanners 
  • Accepting the following ID cards for those in need of assistance e,g, AsIAm ID Cards; JAM Cards; Carer Cards; GP Letters
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