AsIAm and PrepareMe join forces to launch innovative app- Powered by Olive Media 

Autistic people often have a different understanding of the world, a different way of seeing the world and may interact with their environment differently to someone who is not on the spectrum or ‘neurotypical’.

This presents an individual with challenges in areas that come naturally to others, but it can also present strengths and abilities due to that ability to think differently.

Across Ireland and indeed the world, people who have additional communication needs face a distinct lack of information or communication resources; presented in a way they can understand.

This communication gap often leads to people feeling unprepared for what to expect in an activity, why, by whom and for how long. It can lead to enormous stress and distress where someone who is expected to be at the center of an activity may actually be the person who receives the least amount of information! 

For example: an autistic person who also has a diagnosis of intellectual disability and presents as non-speaking, may receive little to no preparation about an upcoming dental examination yet be expected to consent and comply with the activity, while any distress may be noted as the person presenting with ‘behavioral challenges’ rather than someone who was trying to keep themselves safe as they navigated an activity they were not prepared for

Listen to Caitriona-Watters Crehan explain how she proposed a new system to rectify this problem on a broader scale than ever before through PrepareMe: a system for creating audio visual aids to support people with additional needs across a variety of communication formats ideally suited to our community’s varied support needs.

Visual and multimedia communication formats including imagery, video, audio and iconography are universal in their value to both those who are neurodiverse and neurotypical. However for those who are neurodiverse, this style of communication is often fundamental in helping someone to clarify and comprehend information. This is why we use the tag line:

‘Don’t just tell me……Show Me’

Stay tuned to our channels for updates on our launch in early 2023!

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