Response To Budget 2023

AsIAm, Ireland’s National Autism Charity today cautiously welcomes Budget 2023 items though highlights further measures could have been taken to protect the most vulnerable in our society. 

Whilst acknowledging the increased support for families and individuals across the country, yesterday’s measures do not go far enough given the unprecedented times we are living in. Actions such as the free primary school book scheme, along with the increased number of autism classes/SNA’s are welcome. However, more could have been done to directly protect the most vulnerable families and individuals in our community.  Speaking on yesterday’s Budget measures AsIAm CEO Adam Harris stated:

“Whilst we acknowledge there is a little bit for everyone is yesterday’s budget, we believe such measures do not go far enough and could have been better targeted.” As I Am CEO, Adam Harris (2022)

“Latest figures from the CSO show inflation for August at 8.7%, the eleventh consecutive month whereby inflation is above 5%. Yesterday’s announcement of a 12€ weekly increase in Disability and Carers Allowances from January 2023 is not commensurate with the current rates of inflation. By not indexing and protecting the most vulnerable in society, we are continuing to perpetuate poverty on these families and individuals” 

He added,

“The €500 once of cost-of-living payment to recipients of Disability Allowance and Carers whilst looks good on paper, when we break this down this equates to a payment of €35.71 per week between now and January. These measures still do not equate to a cost-of-living standard”. 

“We believe such measures are going to further alienate families and drive them into poverty” 

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