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say yes this autism month

As we enter World Autism Month, consider how things are for autistic people in Ireland and beyond. Too often autistic people face invisible barriers because of how the world works and the judgement and attitudes of others. They are so used to being told ‘No’.  We want people to say ‘Yes’ for a change: Yes to employment, Yes to education and Yes to community inclusion.  

As part of the campaign, AsIAm is asking the public to donate on asiam.ie/donate as queries to its service increase by 280% on the same period prior to the pandemic, and share #AutismMonthSayYes on social channels.

We will be hosting a range of webinars showing you the many ways we can choose to say yes to autism acceptance. You can view the full list here.

“Say Yes to Autism Acceptance” guide

The “Say Yes to Autism Acceptance” guide includes 10 ways to say yes to Autism Acceptance, which will be available in SuperValu stores throughout World Autism Month in April.

At least 1 in 65 people in Ireland are autistic and nearly 300,000 people have an immediate family member on the autism spectrum. Autistic people are as diverse as the society we live in and are already making contributions to communities across Ireland.  World Autism Month is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the autism community in Ireland and beyond as we create more inclusive communities by expanding knowledge, understanding and acceptance. AsIAm and SuperValu are on a journey to build more inclusive communities across Ireland.


10 ways you can help to say Yes to Autism Acceptance:

  1. Being clear
  2. Being patient
  3. Reaching out
  4. Being aware of the sensory environment
  5. Fill in the gaps
  6. Being accepting
  7. Watch your language
  8. Challenge stigma and bullying
  9. Listening and learning
  10. Seeing our abilities

As mentioned, this book is available to collect at your local SuperValu or you can download the document at the button below.

“Say Yes to ...

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