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School Speakers Terms & Conditions

In keeping with our policies on Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection and our contract with our Volunteer School Speakers, we would ask that school staff are aware and understand the following terms of our AsIAm Autism Awareness Workshop.

AsIAm Volunteer School Speakers

  • Have been recruited from as many areas in Ireland as possible;
  • Give their time on a completely voluntary basis;
  • Have a direct personal or professional link to autism;
    Have been fully trained by AsIAm;
  • Have received Garda Clearance under our Child Protection policy;
  • Will liaise directly with the school contact person to arrange and confirm arrangements for school workshop(s);
  • Will arrive at the school at the agreed time to allow for set up and prompt finish;
  • Are only permitted to deliver the workshop and to take questions from students;
  • Are not permitted to answer questions about or discuss students with staff members or parents;
  • Will tailor their presentation as far as possible to include any particular points of interest based on completed ‘All About Me’ booklets;
  • No student will be identified during the presentation. The information in this booklet remains confidential and will be destroyed upon delivery of the presentation.

School Responsibilities

A member of staff must meet the speaker at the school entrance and remain in the room for the duration of the workshop. In the event that a staff member has to leave the room the speaker has been instructed to pause the workshop and to wait at the open door until the staff member returns.

Due the nature of the subjects we will be discussing, we would ask that the school provides parents with information on the workshop prior to each student participating.

We ask that sensitivity is shown towards students in the class who are autistic.

To allow our speaker to tailor the presentation to include any concerns that autistic pupils may have or any points that they would like their peers to understand, we would suggest that the student (or parent) completes the All About Me booklet.  

Workshops and speaking sessions general take 90 minutes to complete. To ensure that the start and finish times are prompt, we would ask that the required room and equipment are prepared and ready for use when the speaker arrives.

For further information, see our Workshop Checklist and Autism-Friendly Environment Guide.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that arrangements are changed by the school, AsIAm will make every effort to facilitate an alternative date subject to speaker availability. If for any reason the arrangements are changed by the AsIAm Speaker, then AsIAm will guarantee an alternative suitable date.

The AsIAm Secondary School Programme is a Self-Funding Programme

All of our speakers give their time voluntarily, however we do reimburse for out of pocket expenses relating to equipment, supplies, sustenance, accommodation and travel when appropriate.

All training venues, guest trainers, material and travel costs for the purpose of training are paid for by AsIAm.

As part of the programme growth and reach we are developing an online model for use by school staff in the situation where we do not have a school speaker available in the area.

For these reasons, the programme needs funding and to this end, we would ask schools to make a suggested donation of the following:

One Workshop of up to a total of 40 students – €250 (20% reduction for each additional Workshops booked at the same time)

Any alternative arrangements can be discussed with AsIAm’s Administrative Office at info@asiam.ie.

A Booking deposit of €100 is required and this will be deducted from the final payment.

We understand that some schools may be at a financial disadvantage and we are very happy to discuss options in this situation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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