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What supports are available to autistic pupils sitting State exams?

Pupils who have an autism diagnosis and/or other disabilities are eligible for the Scheme of Reasonable Accommodations Certificate Exams (RACE) to assist them in sitting state exams. Through this scheme, the pupil may have access to various supports, such as: 

  • voice-activated computers; 
  • tape recorders or scribes to assist independent writing;
  • may have access to assistive technology; 
  • a reader to assist independent reading; 
  • may complete their examinations in seperated centres, and;
  • may be exempt from aural aspects of an examination if they are deaf or have hearing difficulties.


The school that your child is enrolled in also has a responsibility to make special provisions for students with SEN to assist them in sitting state exams. Such provisions could include: 

  • taking medicine, food or drinks into the examination centre; 
  • use of a special desk or chair that is used in the classroom, and;
  • granting breaks or rest periods in each examination session.


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