Statement following RTE “Prime Time Investigates” Report on Dangerous use of MMS

Prime TimeOn watching RTE “Prime Time Investigates” Report on the dangerous use of MMS as a bogus treatment or “cure” for Autism,  Adam Harris, Founder-Director & CEO of AsIAm, has issued the following statement:

“Tonight’s shocking Prime Time programme highlights the need for a national conversation on how we see and understand Autism in Ireland.

Autism is a neurological condition, which affects 1 in 100 of our population for the duration of their lives. There is no cure but with appropriate supports people with Autism can achieve their own personal potential.

The fact that families, in desperation and fear, can be taken in by those offering dangerous products, which masquerade as “cures”, shows the lack of knowledge and understanding around the condition in Ireland.

AsIAm is calling for a national campaign to increase awareness and understanding of Autism in an effort to help people understand the realities and appropriate supports of the condition. AsIAm also calls for the Government to take steps to regulate those who claim to offer “cures” and misinformation about the condition.

We also urge all members of the Autism community to always seek qualifications and certifications of all practitioners, of all disciplines, and their programmes.

In conclusion, we wish to praise the work of Prime Time and Fiona O’Leary in bringing this issue to the fore – the Government, and society now must be pro-active in its response, in order to protect our community.”

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