Summer Education Programme

What is the Summer Programme?  


The Summer Programme 2023 (previously known as July Provision) is run by the Department of Education for primary and post-primary students with complex additional educational needs and those at the greatest risk of educational disadvantage.  

 The programme’s aims are to support pupils to re-engage with their education over the summer months. The purpose of which is to build their confidence and increase their motivation, promote wellbeing and for some who are at key transition stages, help to ensure they can move on to their planned educational placement next September along with their peers.  

 This is a voluntary programme and not all schools avail of the opportunity to engage with this programme. There are two programmes available for eligible students In-School Summer Programme and Home-Based Summer Programme.  

What is the (in-school) Summer Programme? (Primary)  

 This is the programme available to students whose school is participating in the programme this year, available throughout the months of July/August. There are 3 in-school programmes at primary level for 2023. These are:  

  • The Primary School Scheme which integrates the Inclusion Programme and Special Class Programme from last year into one AEN scheme for mainstream primary schools:  This scheme is for children in special classes and pupils with complex educational needs in mainstream classes
  • An expanded literacy and numeracy summer camp/Campaí Samhraidh for pupils in DEIS schools. This is available to all schools in the DEIS scheme, including those that received their new DEIS status in September 2022 

 Speak to your child’s school about the in-school Summer Programme. For more information on the eligibility criteria for the in-school Primary Summer Programme please click here.  


What is the (in-school) Summer Programme 2023? (Post- Primary)  

 This is a 2-week summer programme for students in special classes and students with complex needs in mainstream classes. The Department of Education outlines the criteria for this programme on its website, which is available here. If you have any questions on this programme, contact your child’s school.  

 What is the Special School Pilot Scheme? 

The Special School Scheme can run for two to five weeks at any time during school holidays and not just in July. This pilot programme has been designed to ensure supports are targeted to enhance the availability of school-based programmes in special schools and coordinate children’s access to these programmes.

 The scheme also aims to assist with identifying staffing needs and resources and reduce the administrative burden associated with leading a school-based programme, introducing a Summer Programme National Coordinator to liaise with schools, the department and education centres to facilitate this. The length of the day is being reduced from the full school day to 10am – 2pm but the same daily rate will be paid to staff taking part. This again recognises the challenges associated with running the programme in a special school.

For the first time, when a child’s special school is not running a school-based programme, a portal will be available to allow parents to register their child’s details so if a place in another location becomes available the child’s participation can be organized. A portal will also be available for teachers and SNAs to register their interest in working on a school-based programme.

For more information about this scheme click here

Can I get school transport during the Summer Programme? 

 If your child avails of the special education needs (SEN) transport scheme, it may be provided for the duration of the Summer Programme. If SEN transport services are not available, you can apply for grant funding after your child has completed the programme. Contact your child’s school for more information this.  

 What is the (home-based) Summer Programme 2023?  

 A home-based Summer Programme will continue to be available for children with complex needs where their schools are not providing a school-based programme. All autistic students are eligible for the (home-based) Summer Programme.  

 The allocation of hours is 10 per week for four weeks, where a student is eligible, and their school is not participating in a school-based programme or is not in a position to offer the student a place on a school-based programme. If a child avails of this programme and is eligible, it is up the parents/guardian to locate a tutor for the duration of the programme.  

For the first time, the department is allowing a Small Group Arrangement whereby individual registered teachers can deliver a programme for students in a group of up to three. Allocations to siblings will no longer be a shared allocation and must be applied for separately.

 For more information about home-based education click here

Further contact  

 If you have any questions regarding the in-school Summer Programme, please contact your child’s school. 

If you have further queries about the home-based Summer Programme, please contact the Department of Education special education division or contact the Community Support team at AsIAm at [email protected] and we will do our best to answer your query. 

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