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Clinical Supports

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Getting diagnosed as an Adult



Special Education Support Services (Information for professionals and parents)

National Council for Special Education (Additional resources and support for school)

National Learning Network (Job seekers education)

NEPS National Educational Psychologist Service – Parent Information

Department of Education – Special Education Information

Support Organisations for Autism and associated conditions

Aspire – Aspergers Support

Dyslexia Association


There are many organisations who provide excellent support, advice and information for autistic people and families


MyMind provide multilingual counselling and psychotherapy services, both online or face to face through more than 80 mental health professionals and in more than 10 languages. Clients can self-refer and appointments are within 72 hours. Fees are based upon employment status, offering the unemployed and students affordable services.


The website, SpunOut.ie, carries a range of health information for young people, including mental health, sexual health, exam stress and general lifestyle information. SpunOut also has an extensive online directory allowing site visitors to search for supports and services in their area.


National helpline: 1890 200 444

Email support: alex@bodywhys.ie

Bodywhys is the national eating disorder association of Ireland. They provide a variety of supports for people affected by eating disorders. Helpline 1890 200 444, email support: alex@bodywhys.ie, online support groups, and face to face support groups in Dublin, Carlow and Sligo.

Pieta House

Find your closest branch: www.pieta.ie/index.php/contact-us

Email: mary@pieta.ie

Pieta House offers specialised treatment to clients who self-harm, suffer from suicidal ideation or have made multiple suicide attempts. Clients receive an intensive programme of one-to-one counselling lasting about four to six weeks. Pieta House is a non-profit organisation and the service is free of charge.

Local Support Groups

A good support group is often the best point of contact for families in the autism community. It is here that you will find other parents and siblings who have the answers to many of your questions. This is where you will also find the emotional support that is an essential part of any community.

Check with your local library, newsletters and school to find one near you. Alternatively if there is not one already in operation, consider setting one up. They have all been started with parents and individuals in your position.

Some local Autism Support Groups have partnered with AsIAm from the outset and depending on where you live in the country you may find them beneficial.

Prism DLR       Dun Laoghaire / Rathdown area.

LOFFA I           Laois Offaly

Triple A           Wicklow.

The Special Needs Parents Association provides a comprehensive list of other support groups.

State support and entitlements

Domiciliary Care Allowance

Disability Allowance

Carers Allowance

Incapacitated Child Tax Allowance

We hope that you find some of the answers which you may be looking for and continue to keep abreast of what is happening in AsIAm now and in the future.

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