For many children on the Autism Spectrum, the transition to mainstream Secondary School represents a significant challenge. ASD Special Classes within mainstream 2nd Level schools can be of huge benefit in enabling children with ASD to remain in mainstream schooling and achieve their academic potential.
However, currently there are no Secondary Schools with Special ASD Classes in any of the Dublin postal areas of Dublin 2, 4, 6, 6W or 8.
Given that there are several ASD Special Classes in Primary Schools in these areas, plus many other children at Primary Level with ASD being supported in the classroom by SNAs and Resource Teachers, it seems likely that many ASD students in the South Central Dublin area would benefit from an ASD Special Class at Secondary Level were one (or more) to be available.
This survey has been created by parents with a child with ASD currently in Primary School with a view to (a) gauging demand for ASD Special Classes at Secondary School level within the area and (b) putting together a critical mass of interested parents to lobby for the establishing of such classes. We will be looking to organise a meeting for interested parents in January 2017.