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Autism ID Card

Autism ID Card Announcement

autism ID card_AsIAm_Ireland's National Autism Charity

Autism ID Cards Update: Applications for Autism ID Cards will open on 31st July. Design has been finalised and the template can be seen below. Applicants will need a passport standard photograph and evidence of diagnosis.  AsIAm, Ireland’s National Autism Charity, is pleased to announce that we will shortly begin issuing Autism ID cards to …

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Autism ID Card Consultation

autism ID card_AsIAm Ireland's National Autism Charity

In AsIAm we aim to make society universally accessible for autistic people. This would be a society where autistic people are automatically accepted and understood and where all services are designed in a manner which everyone can access without the need for disclosure. That said, we realise that at present this is far from reality …

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