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#Day 13 Making Written Communication Clear

Day#13 of our #AsIAmChallenge is about using Plain English when communicating. We often think of autism’s major difficulties with communication and language as an almost exclusively childhood problem that is eventually resolved. It’s true that many on the spectrum do learn social skills as they mature, enabling them to make friends and build positive relationships …

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Making Your Organisation Sensory-Friendly

Day#12 of our #AsIAmChallenge is about being aware of people’s sensory needs. Autistic individual’s brains often struggle to process the information we receive about our surroundings from our senses. If there is too much stimulation, it can cause serious anxiety and even meltdowns. By being aware of one another’s needs however, we can all make …

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Check out our Sensory Checklist Tool!

It’s Day 12 of #AsIAmChallenge and things have taken a big step up! Today we are challenging members of the public, businesses, schools and community organisations to conduct a sensory audit of their environment. Autistic people can experience environments in a different way to those who are not autistic – some people experience sensory overload …

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Autism & Stereotyping

Autism is widely known yet it is not widely understood. Awareness of the condition has grown in recent years and there have been many milestones in actively including and promoting autistic people’s participation within wider society. Myths and misconception still exist however and it is important that we tackle these whenever we see and hear …

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CALLOUT: World Autism Awareness Month Blogs

Personal stories and experiences, sharing and openly discussing them, are what make any awareness campaign meaningful. Autism and the journey for its acceptance and active inclusion is no different, and AsIAm would like to hear yours.  Whether you’re a family member, a teacher, a colleague, or on the spectrum yourself, we’re always keen for people …

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Teach Me AsIAm Early Years Programme Arrives at Limerick

Up to sixty early years professionals attended the ‘Teach Me AsIAm’ Early Years seminar in Limerick’s Mary Immaculate College this week. The seminar was addressed by AsIAm’s CEO Adam Harris, who spelled out the importance of the programme, before the seminar’s beginning saying that ultimately “Teach Me AsIAm is more than addressing best practices in …

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DCU Autism-Friendly Campus Launched Today

Dublin City University was recognised as the world’s first autism-friendly university by AsIAm today. The designation marks the conclusion of an 18- month research project, led by Dr Mary Rose Sweeney in collaboration with Professor Teresa Burke DCU School of Nursing and Human Sciences along with AsIAm and Specialisterne Ireland, a specialist recruitment and support …

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