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Fighting Words Becoming Autism Friendly!

  Fighting Words is a creative writing centre established by Roddy Doyle and Sean Love. Fighting Words helps students of all ages to develop their writing skills and to explore their love of writing. Their activities range from story-telling workshops for primary and secondary school students to summer camps for children and teenagers on topics …

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Our Week Online – 11/11/2018

It’s Sunday, winter has definitely arrived, and there’s only six weeks to Christmas! Welcome to Our Week Online. Six autistic secondary pupils in Co. Kildare finally started school this week, nine weeks since the beginning of the academic year, after the completion of their school’s new autism unit was delayed. In the United States, midterm …

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Trish Flood: Holidaying Tips for Autism Families

Some autism families worry about the challenge of taking an overseas holiday. Here are some ideas from my experience to make the holidays more enjoyable for the whole family. If you’ve never travelled by air before, some families find that taking a short flight is good way to prepare for a longer overseas flight. It’s …

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Make Your Club Autism-Friendly

Awareness about autism has increased among society in recent years. This is a positive development, but there’s far more to being aware about the condition than just knowing some of its main traits. Successful autism awareness is about actively including and supporting autistic people within local communities. Isolation is a daily reality for many living …

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Conducting Autism-Friendly Interviews

Day #16 of our #AsIAmChallenge is about preparing for autism-friendly interviews. Businesses have begun to recognise the valuable skills that autistic employees can bring to the workplace. A meticulous attention to detail, excellent memories and task-driven minds are traits any employer would love to have! However, entering the workforce remains a huge challenge for many …

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Creating a Quiet Space

Sensory rooms or quiet spaces are designated areas where autistic people can use to stim or retreat to when feeling overstimulated. The space itself is designed to aid in a person’s key life skills, chiefly with their communication, coordination, self-organisation and sensory-management. Autistic children often make use of such facilities in their schools, but they …

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Create a “Social story” for your business or organisation

Social stories are short guides of a particular situation, event or activity. They include specific information about what to expect in that situation and why. Day 14 of our #AsIAmChallenge is about supporting autistic people to prepare for social situations by creating “a social story”. Autistic people often find it challenging to read social situations or …

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