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Our Week Online – 2/12/2018

Welcome to Our Week Online. This is the biggest roundup so far, but it was a big week! Go and boil the kettle so. In new measures announced by the Government this week, people on disability allowance will be allowed to earn up to €427 a week and still keep their medical card. This measure …

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Laragh Smith: My Experience of an Inclusive Community

The theme of this year’s National Autism Conference is “Building Inclusive Communities”. Laragh, a young autistic woman and member of our outgoing Youth Leadership Team, has written about an inclusive, welcoming, and warm community in her life. Hi – My name is Laragh, I am 23 and I am on the autistic spectrum. I would …

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AsIAm official charity partner at the forthcoming Arsenal vs Chelsea match

It was with great pride and excitement that we announce today that AsIAm will be charity partner at the forthcoming Arsenal vs Chelsea International Club Championship match in the Aviva Stadium on 1st August. This is a fantastic opportunity for AsIAm to promote autism-friendly practise to a large audience. You can get your tickets on Friday …

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Make Your Club Autism-Friendly

Awareness about autism has increased among society in recent years. This is a positive development, but there’s far more to being aware about the condition than just knowing some of its main traits. Successful autism awareness is about actively including and supporting autistic people within local communities. Isolation is a daily reality for many living …

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Check out our Sensory Checklist Tool!

It’s Day 12 of #AsIAmChallenge and things have taken a big step up! Today we are challenging members of the public, businesses, schools and community organisations to conduct a sensory audit of their environment. Autistic people can experience environments in a different way to those who are not autistic – some people experience sensory overload …

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Autism & Stereotyping

Autism is widely known yet it is not widely understood. Awareness of the condition has grown in recent years and there have been many milestones in actively including and promoting autistic people’s participation within wider society. Myths and misconception still exist however and it is important that we tackle these whenever we see and hear …

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CALLOUT: World Autism Awareness Month Blogs

Personal stories and experiences, sharing and openly discussing them, are what make any awareness campaign meaningful. Autism and the journey for its acceptance and active inclusion is no different, and AsIAm would like to hear yours.  Whether you’re a family member, a teacher, a colleague, or on the spectrum yourself, we’re always keen for people …

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Sensory Awareness in Practice

An autistic person’s brain may struggle to receive and respond to information collected through their senses. This impacts on how they respond to the world around them, in their speech, their feelings and motor skills. Some people are hypersensitive, where the slightest pitch higher in an everyday noise might cause serious discomfort. Some are hyposensitive …

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Top Tips for Being Patient

ONE PIECE OF INFORMATION AT A TIME Autistic people love routine and predictability. Knowing what to expect during day-to-day situations is a source of huge relief and self-confidence. Many autistic people will create guides and maps, whether on paper or in their minds, of how to guide themselves in fulfilling tasks and jobs. Others will …

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