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Autism ID Card Consultation

autism ID card_AsIAm Ireland's National Autism Charity

In AsIAm we aim to make society universally accessible for autistic people. This would be a society where autistic people are automatically accepted and understood and where all services are designed in a manner which everyone can access without the need for disclosure. That said, we realise that at present this is far from reality …

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Resource Pack for Primary and Secondary Schools 2019

Calling all schools, teachers, and educators! April is World Autism Month, and we have developed an online Resource Pack for Primary and Secondary Schools to use, to increase acceptance and understanding of autism in the school community. The pack includes resources such as videos, worksheets, posters, and activities for your class and school. If you …

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What We Learned – Parent Wellness and Self-Care

Last week we held our Community Support event in Tipperary on Parent Well-Being and Self-Care. Thank you to those of you who were able to come, but if you couldn’t make it, don’t worry! We have some of the key points summarised below, as well as live streams from the event – Part One and …

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Our Week Online – 3/2/2019

It’s Sunday, and February is here which means, whether it feels like it or not, Spring has come to Ireland. Welcome to Our Week Online. In Turkey, the Otsimo app invented by Zafer Elcik for his autistic brother has helped thousands autistic students across the world with their education. BBC World Hacks meets Zafer and …

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National Autism Conference 2018 Speaker Presentations

It’s been a month since our National Autism Conference in October, and we’ve received wonderful feedback from attendees, the livestream audience, and our fantastic speakers. We’ve already started planning National Autism Conference 2019, and hope to see you there next year! In the meantime, some of our speakers have kindly given us their presentations from …

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Kevin Hanly: Living With Autism at Christmas Time

The end of November is near, and while there’s still a few weeks left until Christmas, preparing for the holidays make take some time and planning. One of our regular contributors, Kevin Hanly, shares his advice for celebrating Christmas based on his experiences. We’re gearing up for that special time of the year where we …

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Interview: Elaine Harris

Elaine Harris is a yoga teacher who founded The Yoga Shed in Co. Wicklow in 2014, which serves to offer accessible and affordable yoga to everybody. Elaine is highly trained to share yoga therapy with children with special needs and is also a certified pregnancy yoga teacher. She is passionate about spreading awareness about the …

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BUY YOUR COPY: Mary Immaculate publishes a handbook for educators – “Autism from the Inside Out”

AsIAm would like to thank Dr Emer Ring and her colleagues from Mary Immaculate College (MIC)’s Department of Reflective Pedagogy and Early Childhood Studies for their contributions to our #BackToRoutine series this month. We would also like to thank them for their considerable generosity in donating all proceeds from their new book, ‘Autism from the Inside …

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Interview: Jody O’Neill – Autism & Entrepreneurship

Jody O’Neill is a young self-advocate attending Castletroy College in County Limerick. She has set up her own business to develop products aimed at supporting autistic individuals with sight difficulties in their self-organisation and day-to-day activities. We spoke to Jody this week at the National Student Enterprise Finals in Croke Park about her business, her …

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Stimming (short for self-stimulatory behaviour) is a repetitive series of actions which an autistic person may do when they are excited, anxious or stimulated. Almost everyone engages in stimming to some degree in their own way. They might crack their knuckles, tap their feet, or even just hum and whistle. Autistic people are usually more …

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