What can you find here?

As Ireland’s  Autism Charity, we have a significant history in helping Autistic people, their families, the community and the government to understand more about Autism.

This section contains some of our key resources

What is Autism?

Do you need to know more about Autism?

Autism Diagnosis

Learn the process of an autism assessment

Journey To Diagnosis

Are you or a loved one on the way to a diagnosis?

Sensory Processing

Understand how autistic people experience their sensory environment

Language and Communication

Learn about how autism interacts with language and communication


Find out all about supports that Autistic people may be eligible for.


How you can keep well in body and mind.

Understanding a Child’s Diagnosis

Next steps after a diagnosis.

Employers Advice

Attracting & retaining Autistic staff

Advice for Autistic Teenagers

A guide to the teenage years

Autistic Adults

Supports specifically for Autistic adults

Guidance for teachers

How can a school change their teaching to meet the needs of Autistic students?

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