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Fundraise your way in 2023

At AsIAm, we strive towards a society where every autistic child and adult in Ireland will have meaningful and considered access to the same opportunities that every Irish citizen is afforded.  

We need YOUR help to ensure that we can continue and scale our work so that autistic people can experience a truly inclusive welcome across all aspects of life in Ireland. 

Ways YOU can help AsIAm today:

Why not sign up and take part in one of our AsIAm Events 2023. 

We would love to have you involved! Explore our Calendar of Events and choose one that’s fun for you to achieve while making a real & valued difference in the lives of autistic people in Ireland. If you can’t attend events like our hike or sky-dive, don’t worry! 

Our Greenway Your Way and 20 for 23 challenges are both active all year and you can take part on your own terms

Fundraising FOR AsIAm - Organised External Provider Event

Many of you may be already planning to participate in other organized events nationally. 

Take part FOR AsIAm and encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to support you or join in!

Great Limerick Run

VHI Women's Mini Marathon

Viking Run

Dublin City Marathon

Cork City Marathon

Please contact us at if you are an individual, group,  business, school or college that is considering organising your own event or challenge.

Plan YOUR OWN Fundraising Event for AsIAm

Ideas for FUN Fundraising Events:

We would love to hear from you if you have already set up an event to support us or indeed if you have any ideas that you would like to share.

ASIAM Ways to Help - Volunteering

As I Am are always keen to find ways that you can help us. Volunteering, particularly during the past few years has been difficult to do in person. Limited opportunities exist but we would like to hear from you in any case.

Click on the email link below and let us know what type of volunteering you may be interested in and outline any skill set that you would be able to offer us deliver our events and activities in Ways to Help.

ASIAM Ways to Help – Merchandise

Why not browse through our Merchandise and support us

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