There are certain issues that impact Autistic people more than others. Here are some really helpful resources to help you keep well.

Teen & Family Wellbeing Programmes

We have programmes for Teens and Parents / Guardians available

Autistic Teen Wellbeing Programme.

A Wellbeing Programme for Autistic Teenagers will be delivered in 4 separate, 1 hour sessions. Each session will focus on tips, strategies, and practical examples of how participants can identify, manage and regulate their anxieties/stress levels and will promote pro-active wellbeing to practice in everyday life. The sessions will be friendly, accepting, inclusive and relaxed.

The groups will start at different stages throughout 2022 and participants will have options to participate in the in-person (adhering to guidelines) or online programmes.

Each group has limited participants (max. of 6) and the programme will be delivered by Michael Ryan (PeaceofMind.ie) who is an accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist who will be supported by an AsIAm representative. 

Parent/Guardian Wellbeing Programme.

A Wellbeing Programme for the AsIAm Parent Community will similarly be delivered by Michael Ryan in 4 separate, 1 hour sessions focusing on management of stress and anxiety. Participants will have a personalized plan at the end to have a future focus for ongoing wellbeing. Just as with the teenage groups, participants will have the option to attend in-person or online in accordance with guidelines.

 Each group has limited participants (max. of 6 families or 2 per family equalling 12 participants.)

When the programmes are being run, you will see a signup form here. You can also fill out our contact form and keep in touch with AsIAm on the mailing list.

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