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What Is An Autism ID Card?

Autism ID Card

An Autism ID card is an identification card with a picture and details of the card’s individual owner. It is produced by AsIAm for members of Ireland’s autism community, and aims to empower and support autistic people to access goods and services in their community. In order to be eligible for an Autism ID card, proof of diagnosis will be required.  


The card will serve as proof of diagnosis when interacting with services and businesses across the country in the public and private sector, letting staff know about the condition and what the individual’s support needs are. Once the holder shows the ID card to staff, companies and public services can provide supports or accommodations which can help improve the experience of accessing goods and services for autistic people and their families. However, any supports or accommodations provided are at the discretion of the service provider.  


Cards cost €20 per individual and are valid for a period of four years. Autistic people living on the island of Ireland can apply for the Autism ID Card and can use the card nationwide. 


To apply for an ID Card, visit here

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