Same Chance- World Autism Month 2022

Autistic people face barriers which others in society do not experience. 

April is World Autism Month and we are asking for your support to help us give the same chance to the 1 in 65 people in Ireland who are Autistic, and our families.

In order to remove the invisible barriers Autistic people face we need greater public understanding and acceptance of Autism. 

We also we need timely, appropriate support for Autistic people. 

Our Same Chance Report has captured the voices of Autistic people and our families on the day to day realities of being Autistic and includes a poll of the Irish public on attitudes to Autism.

We urgently need to TAKE ACTION

Public Perceptions

Only 4 in 10 Irish people claim to have a ‘good’ understanding of Autism

6 in 10 people associate negative connotations with Autism

Only 6 in 10 people believe autistic children should attend the same school as non-autistic children

Views of Autistic people

10% of cardholders believe the workplace is inclusive

54% of cardholders confirmed they have experienced discrimination 

77% of cardholders describe themselves as underemployed

This April, please DONATE

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Same Chance and Employment

With 85% of the autistic community either unemployed or underemployed, AsIAm is determined to challenge this lack of equity through our employment supports.

Click the image below to Download the Same Chance Toolkit

Click the image below to visit our Career Clinics!

AsIAm is working to give Autistic people the same chance through our suite of support programmes for the community, alongside education and training initiatives to build a more understanding and accepting society. This April, we urgently need your support to grow and expand this work. 

COVID-19 and ongoing under-resourcing of supports for Autistic people has seen our organisation handle a 300% increase in queries and requests for support. We have created a range of new programmes including an Autism Information Line, Professional Advice Clinics and a dedicated support team for Autistic Adults but we can only sustain and grow this work with your generosity.

Take part in our April Same Chance Challenge

  • Same Chance Challenge – a Heads or Tails Tournament to raise funds for AsIAm. 

You can register your workplace, sports club, community organisation, school or even family & friends 


So what are the steps to getting involved in our Same Chance Challenge? 


  • 1. You register for free here.
  • 2. We send you supports, explanatory notes and information 
  • 3. Set an entry fee per person, €5, €10, €20 (whatever you choose)
  • 4. Stage the Heads or Tails Tournament
  • 5. Organise a prize for the last person standing and donate all entry fees to AsIAm
  • You share it all on social media under the hashtag #SameChance

Community Voices

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