Zarah Doyle : Training Manager

Zarah joined the AsIAm team in July 2021 as the ‘Bridge Forward’ Project Coordinator. In 2015, Zarah graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BPhil in Special Education: Autism (Children). In that time, Zarah has founded and designed strength-based community projects for autistic children in Kildare and Dublin. She has delivered workshops at the annual conferences and community talks with AsIAm. Zarah has worked in adult education and training with colleges of further education and as a placement tutor with DCU on the undergraduate degree programme in Early Childhood Education. She recently completed a Master of Education in Early Intervention with TCD. Zarah and her husband Barry live in Kildare. She is a proud mother to 3 children, Luke, Adam and Sadbh. Luke was diagnosed with Autism in 2010, he and his siblings, are her inspiration for developing her career in advocating for the autistic community. Zarah was recently diagnosed as autistic herself, which has further informed her work.

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