Ian Lynham

Information & Digital Marketing Officer

Ian is our Information and Digital Officer. He manages AsIAm.ie’s online presence, edits this website, researches and writes its content while organising and sending AsIAm's monthly newsletter. He also maintains AsIAm's website and SEO performance to ensure our organisation continues to grow our visibility. After starting a WAM mentorship in the Civil Service, Ian also worked in performance. Frustrated with a lack of neurodiversity in performing arts, he proceeded to work with AsIAm to organise Light it Up Gold, Ireland’s first all Autistic comedy lineup. He would later debut his solo show, Autistic License, to a sold-out run in Dublin Fringe 2021. Through these activities he became more engaged with the Autistic community, working with Trinity College Dublin Disability Service as an intern, publishing the service’s online content and overseeing the rollout of the Autism Uni Toolkit. During the pandemic, Ian continued to develop professionally, beginning a part-time masters in Digital Marketing. His thesis, focusing on Misinformation during the Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout received a Distinction mark. As a result, Ian is keen to publish original and personal writing from Autistic people on the site through AsIAm's Community Voices.