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Autism Information Line

As part of our support for the Autism community of Ireland, we have created a dedicated information line. All calls are limited to 20 minutes.

How can I contact the Autism Information Line?

There are three main ways to get in touch:

If you would prefer to speak: Monday – Thursday 10-3pm Call 0818 234 234  
Instant Messaging is available: Monday – Thursday 10-3pm

If you would prefer to write: email or use the Contact Form here any day of the week.

Please note: In the event where you inform us of a matter where a child is at risk of neglect or abuse, we have a legal obligation to report this to the relevant authorities.

When are we open?

You can email us anytime and we will reply as soon as possible.Our contact services are open Monday – Thursday between 10am and 3pm.

What can the Autism Information Line help with?

Here is a summary of what we do and don’t do. If the information line can’t help, please submit a general query by clicking this link.

What the Information Line can do

• Provide information in a range of matters which impact Autistic adults, children and their families
• Signpost you to the relevant AsIAm resources
• Direct you to the other relevant organisations and supportsWhat the Information Line cannot do:
• Provide therapeutic and counselling services
• Provide urgent or emergency care
• Recommend one professional or service over another
• Speak with individuals under 18 years old

What To Expect When You Phone Us

Here is a very brief guide to help you go through the steps of making a phone call to the Information Line.

When You Call
When you call during opening hours, you will hear:
Audio Player

Line Busy?
If the lines are busy you will hear:
Audio Player

Leave a Message
If you choose to leave a message then you will hear:
Audio Player

Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

Talking To Us

When you connect to one of our team, we will always start the call with the words:
“Hello, AsIAm Information Line this is *insert name* speaking. Before we get started, may I confirm that you are 18 years or older?”

When you confirm, you are 18 or older, our next question will be:
“What have you called to speak about today? We are now ready to listen to you explain the reason you have called.

Explaining The Issue

We will check with you that we have understood your matter correctly. We might need to ask questions to understand further. You can choose whether to answer these questions or not.  

We will explain information on the matter you have called about. You can ask us questions. If you are unsure when to ask questions, do not worry. We will check do you have questions.

Ending The Call

We might say we need to speak with the team about your matter and then call you back. You can say yes or no to this.  

We will tell you we are coming to the end of the call. We will summarise what we discussed, and tell you what we will do.  We will check if we can keep your name, phone number and email address securely on file, so that if you call again, we can access the notes, and so that we can email you a brief summary of what

Meet The Information Line Team

Disclosure & Safeguarding

Please note: In the event where a caller informs us of a matter where a child is at risk of neglect or abuse, we have a legal obligation to report this to the relevant authorities.All of our Information Line work is compliant with our privacy policy.

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