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AsIAm Autism Ireland Webinar

We want to see a society that is more inclusive of Autistic people. This means making information available in a way that is accessible and easy to understand. On this page you will find all the webinars that we have created on a range of important topics. They are intended to provide support and guidance to Autistic individuals families, educators, and other professionals.

Community Webinars

Expert speakers from across the educational and clinical professions, along with Autistic people, share their perspectives and experiences on a range of topics.


Social Interaction & Sensory Processing




Legal Rights

There are a number of financial and educational supports available for Autistic people, but finding them and understanding the application process can feel overwhelming. These short videos aim to explain the processes involved in a way that is easy to understand.

Educational Support

Financial Support

Autism Friendly Towns

Towns across Ireland are committing to becoming more Autism friendly, and we’ve been working to support them on their journey. Here you will find training documents, guidance notes and webinars.