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Our Story

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Our Story

The story of AsIAm began in 2014 when our CEO Adam Harris founded the organisation based on his own experiences growing up as a young Autistic person in Ireland.

Identified as Autistic at an early age, the condition was far less well understood or even known compared to how it is today.

Frustrated at the lack of any real understanding of Autism and by the many barriers to inclusion the Autism community were and are subjected to, Adam’s aim was to amplify Autistic voices and start a national conversation.

What began in 2014, as an online platform for the community to access information and share experiences, quickly grew into a movement for change for the Autism community.

Vision, Purpose & Values

Our vision is for Ireland to be a country where every Autistic person is accepted as they are.

Our purpose is to advocate for an inclusive society for Autistic people that is accessible, accepting and affirming. We work to support the Autistic community and our families to fully engage in Irish life and build the capacity of society to facilitate true inclusion.

We are guided by and grounded in our living values:


Our Team

Our Board

Our board plays an essential role in the governance of our organisation. They comprise an experienced, diverse and exceptional team. Click on the picture to find out who the individual is, click on their name to find out more about them.