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Across Ireland, Autistic people daily are deprived of the same chance – the same chance to go to school, to access healthcare, to get a job, to live a long, healthy, and happy life. Our vision is for an Ireland where every Autistic person is accepted “As They Are” – equal, valued and respected.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our supporters. Our programme of work cannot be achieved without your support. Our targets for the end of 2025 include:

people having benefited from access to our Support Webinars/ Seminars/ Conference

people having received support through ourAutism Information Line

people will have accessed AsIAm Training

schools, 10 universities and 50 communities willhave accessed our targeted programme

individuals will hold an AsIAm ID card, makingtheir daily routines easier

Whether you’re able to donate as a one-off or monthly basis, your money will help to build a society that gives all Autistic people the same chance.