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AsIAm Autism Resources

Here you will find useful resources created by AsIAm and other trusted sources. These resources are aimed at Autistic people and families, as well as employers and professionals who work with Autistic people.

The Autism Journey

From Childhood Diagnosis Through to the Teenage Years

This three-part series is directed towards parents/guardians, professionals, and Autistic teenagers. Not all aspects of the content will be relevant to each reader, therefore they should be seen as a  guide and an educational resource. Download the guides:

The publication of these resources was supported by the Saint John of God (SJOG) Foundation and the Hospital Saturday Fund.

The SME Same Chance Toolkit

A Guide to Becoming an Autism-Friendly Employer

Recent figures suggest that 85% of Autistic individuals in Ireland are either unemployed or underemployed. We work with employers to give the Autistic community the same chance when accessing employment and building a career.

The SME Same Chance Toolkit provides small to medium enterprises with a step-by-step guide to help them recruit, support, maintain and develop the untapped potential of the Autistic talent pool. It provides guidance and support to employers around reasonable accommodations in the workplace, government support, how to hold inclusive interviews and supportingAutistic candidates through the onboarding process.

All About Me

Sensory Checklist - Passport for Accessible and Autism Friendly Public Services

Individuals with Autism need an open and understanding mind from the society around them, this is especially important when accessing essential public services.

Individuals with Autism can use the checklists in the booklet to help people working in Public Services to understand them better. It covers everything they need to know to make the overall experience more accessible and inclusive, which is essential for an Autism-friendly service.

Summer Activities

Download our summer activity sheets to support children and families maintain and develop key skills, ahead of the return to school. These fun skills and activities can be enjoyed by all the family!

Autism and Language - What’s the Right Word?

When speaking about Autism and disabilities in general, the language we use is important. Meanings and definitions change over time, reflecting new research and the lived experiences of people with Autism. We have produced this guide to help media professionals and anyone writing about Autism to understand the accepted terms and language related to it.

Autism and Play

A guide to play created by the team at AsIAm to support Ireland’s Autism Community.

Autism in the Workplace - Creating Opportunity for Autistic People

Research shows that 6 out of 10 people with Autism are afraid to disclose their diagnosis in the workplace.

AsIAm worked alongside to produce this latest The Autism in the Workplace report. It assesses the attitudes of more than 461 Irish people with Autism to the workplace. It identifies barriers and looks for solutions that employers can implement to support an Autism-friendly environment.

Teach Me As I Am Evaluation Report 2019

The findings from this evaluation suggest that the Teach Me AsIAm Early Years Programme has had a positive impact on participants knowledge in providing care for children with Autism in an early years setting.

Autism Friendly University Resources

Transition to HEI - A Digital Resource

As part of our Autism Friendly HEI programme, AsIAm has set up a digital resource aimed at first year students accessing higher education to access.

To access the Transition to HEI resource, use the button below or click here

Transition to HEI Portal

Holiday Resources

Educational Resources

This resource guide is a basic introduction to your child’s right to a primary education.