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Below you will find a selection of events taking place in the coming months. In keeping with public health guidelines these events will be online webinars. You will find our upcoming Community Support webinars. All of these events are being run in partnership with SuperValu Ireland and are free to attend, requiring only your registration. You will also see our new series of Training webinars. These "lunch and learn" style training events are suitable for anyone who wants to learn about autism and improve accessibility and inclusion in their day-to-day life. They serve as a 101 version of our Autism Friendly training programmes and are €25 to register.

Missed the event you were looking for? Don’t worry; all webinars* will be uploaded to our Youtube channel!

*Please note that the Q&As which may relate to private information will be edited or removed before upload.

Upcoming Events

Introduction to Autism

June 15th

Autism and

June 16th 2021

A Strengths-Based Approach to Autism

June 22nd

Autism-Friendly Summer Camps

June 29th


June 30th 2021

Autism and Early Years Education

July 6th

Discussing Autism with Children

July 13th

Introduction to Autism

July 20th

Autism Friendly Recruitment

July 27th

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