Advocacy & Policy

Since our foundation in 2014, AsIAm- Ireland’s Autism Charity has been a leading organisation, in area of human rights, equality and advocacy. Since our inception we have engaged in a number of key policy submissions, producing several key reports and engaging in a number of key campaigns which aim to change attitudes and people’s understanding of autism. Our approach is to take a rights-based, empathetic and inclusive approach to advocating for an inclusive society for autistic people which is accessible, accepting and affirming. As Ireland’s Autism Charity and as an Autistic-led organisation, AsIAm runs campaigns, produces reports and policy submissions, and makes representations both in committees and across the media highlighting issues which Autistic people and the wider community experience.   

This work also communicates what needs to change to help build a more equal and inclusive society for Autistic people and families. We also seek to inform the public on policies and practices which affect Autistic people and our families, and to build public understanding of autism to support Autistic people to have the same chance to fully take part, belong, and be included in all aspects in Irish society. 

Our policy pursuits are directed by the spirit of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).  

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