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Public Representatives Pledge for the Full Implementation of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Autism Final Report

Over 60 pubic representatives have signed the pledge below, calling for the full implementation of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Autism's Final Report. To learn more about this final report, read our explainer here.

I, ________________, am supporting AsIAm’s request for the full implementation of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Autism Final Report. There is no time to waste on the implementation of the 109 recommendations that the Final Report made across employment, social protection, access to services, education, housing, transport and health inter alia. We are asking for your support to fully implement this report. We cannot afford for this once in a generation report to fall away. Equality for autistic people in Ireland is a human rights matter, not a political one.

We know from the unanimous support of Autism Spectrum Disorder Bill in the Seánad in 2017, the cross-party support for the report itself and numerous the motions and bills on autism that have been introduced over the last few years. However there has been inaction and delay on delivering equality for autistic people. For too long the Autistic community has been denied full access to participate in society. We need the report’s recommendations implemented because;

· At least 1 in 27 people in Ireland are autistic with a diverse spectrum of support needs and experiences, who deserve a strategy to best support them.

· The cost of having a disability or a child with disability is over €28,000 per year.

· 61% don’t believe the education system is inclusive.

· 75% don’t believe the healthcare system is inclusive.

· 68% are on waiting lists to access services.

· 38% believe they have experienced discrimination in the past 12 months.

· 81% report that being autistic makes the cost-of-living crisis worse.

Everyone deserves the Same Chance. Autistic people deserve the Same Chance. I am supporting the immediate and full implementation of the Joint Oireachtas Committee’s on Autism’s Final Report.



For a full list of public representatives who have signed the pledge, see here.

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