AsIAm announces Scientific Committee for Autism Europe Congress 2025

AsIAm is delighted to announce the first three members of the Scientific Committee for the 14th Autism Europe Congress. After the success of the 13th Congress in Krakow, Poland, AsIAm was announced as the host of the 2025 Congress in Dublin.

Held every three years, the Congress gathers autistic advocates, researchers, family members and policy members from across the world to share their knowledge and experience. In keeping with the motto “Nothing about us without us,” AsIAm is determined to see autistic people represented on every level of the event. While autistic speakers have been prominent in past congresses, it is just as important that scientific expertise takes autistic voices into account. Autistic doctors, researchers and psychiatrists continue to lend their expertise to understanding our needs and improving our lives.

Dr. Cat Hughes, autistic psychologist and researcher will be serving as Chairperson of the committee. Her work was instrumental in launching AsIAm’s first Autism-Friendly University in DCU and she has since contributed to Autistica and Middletown.

Dr. Fiona McCaffrey is Head of Research and Development for Middletown. Fiona has a graduate qualification in Autism, a Master’s in Counselling and is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society.

Dr. Mary Doherty is a Consultant Anaesthetist and Autism researcher. She founded Autistic Doctors International and is committed to improving healthcare for autistic people and improving work-life for autsitic healthcare providers.

Dr. Joseph Long is a social anthropologist who is currently serving as the Research and Project Lead for Scottish Autism. He is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh and is an associate of the Edinburgh University Centre for Medical Anthropology.

Hari Srinivasan is a minimally-speaking autistic academic majoring Psychology at UC Berkeley. At Berkeley, Hari is the lead instructor for a semester-long class on autism, and is the first nonspeaking president of the student org “Spectrum at Cal.” He is also a board making of ASAN.

Inna is founder of Children with a Future, an organization that advocates for the autistic community in Ukraine. After the invasion, Inna’s organization became an international network for autistic refugees and their families.

Maja Toudal is an autistic psychologist, writer and speaker. Her book, What Your Autistic Child Wants You to Know, provides a valuable first-hand account of childhood and education

We will be announcing the remaining committee members over the summer. The community is still welcome to consult with AsIAm to help decide the theme for the 14th Autism Congress.

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